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Is your company ready for a new challenge?

Would you like to implement changes in order to stimulate your enterprise’s growth? Are you not sure how to tackle that?
Then you’re at the right place with Deonta.

The activities of Deonta Executive are two-fold. On the one hand, we offer scientific and strategic consulting to companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. On the other hand, we guide SMEs in all sectors to help them evolve and reach their full potential.

Scientific consultancy

Patrick Van Craen, founder of Deonta Executive, has been active in the medical and pharmaceutical industries for more than 30 years. Through this broad and varied experience in areas including medical research, development, regulation and marketing, over the years we’ve built a comprehensive network in the sector. Based on this background, for more than 8 years we’ve been providing support to medical and pharmaceutical companies that wish, for example, to (re-)position their products, have questions related to reimbursement or wish to give their sales force the right training.

Guiding SMEs

We also help companies that want to grow in order to evolve to their ideal scenario, both as an organisation and as a business. This can range from conflict management or the preparation of a marketing plan to management training customised for your organisation. We employ our own implementation management process in which we give you advice based on your future vision and the appropriate training provided to achieve this vision; and then we provide you with the support and guidance to achieve your goal.