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If you want to reach the top with your company and enjoy continuing success, then it’s important that your corporate structure and procedures match the individual skills of your employees. The best companies work top-down and coach their teams. Listen to what your people have to say, stimulate them to find solutions and contribute constructively to the growth of your company. We offer several training courses that can help you in this respect:

  • Coach-the-coach: during this unique programme, we offer you individual coaching on the work floor. We examine how you lead your team, answer all your questions and discuss possible ways to encourage your employees even more.
  • Inspirational coaching: when a team member is promoted to team leader or manager the person must be aware that he or she no longer needs to perform his or her original tasks but rather needs to create an environment in which others are motivated to handle them; task-oriented working is replaced by employee-oriented thinking and behaving. During this workshop we examine the demands that are placed on a manager and how you can form a strong bond with your team members. We work individually on those factors that can slow you down in building a relationship of trust with your employees.