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Medical scientific advice

Patrick Van Craen founded Deonta Executive after a career of 23 years in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. For more than 8 years we’ve been offering support to companies in the sector. Thanks to the extensive network that we’ve built over the years with interest groups in the healthcare sector, key opinion leaders and policymakers, we can help you at all times with the necessary guidance and expertise.

We help not only companies active in major markets such as cardiology, dermatology, gastro-enterology, infectious diseases and respiratory medicine, but also have experience in niche markets such as incontinence, ostomy and wound care, generic drugs and biotechnology. Are you active on the B2B, OTC, B2C, veterinary or export markets? Deonta is ready to spring to your assistance when necessary and to provide you with personal advice based on our experience, answer all your questions, or organise training courses.

Qualitative market research

Do you want to build a company from the ground up or stimulate the expansion of your enterprise? Then a solid business plan is indispensable. Thorough market research is the foundation of every business plan. Deonta Executive helps you to better understand your customers and the market and researches the criteria that inform the decisions of the most important players.

We look for answers to questions such as:

  • What are the expectations of your future customers?
  • What are the decisive factors in their buying decisions?
  • By whom and by what are these decisions influenced?

Afterwards, we combine all these aspects in a straightforward market research project. In this way, in no time at all and without major investment you can grasp the market situation and the Critical Success Factors (CSFs). Experience has taught us that qualitative market research, combined with an analysis of the economic environment, a SWOT analysis, and quantitative market research form the proper foundation for a successful company or product launch and long-term success.

Change Management

These days, to strengthen your market position and maintain a competitive advantage you need to evolve with the dynamic market. The market structure changes, your customers expect more and more, laws or other procedures are changed, there are more and more competitors…little by little there are reasons to make changes in your company.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Changes are usually not possible without a struggle and may cause a decrease in turnover, a loss in competitiveness or even the departure of loyal employees. To avoid this situation, you can call upon the services of Deonta Executive. We coach you proactively during the complete change process, and help you with a clear methodology to prepare the change management and organise and guide it where necessary.

You retain full control thanks to the GO/NO GO principle of our step-by-step plan. We are your back-up, and function as an external measuring point that helps your people to accept the changes implemented and continue to give 100% for the growth of your business.

Sales plan

No matter how large your company is and irrespective of the sector in which you are active, profitability is and will always be essential. It is, therefore, also important to know who your potential customers are, what your current market share is, and how many potential customers you can reach. A solid sales plan provides answers to all these questions.

You can always come to Deonta Executive for a prospective analysis or an independent audit of your sales force. We’ll investigate how you can deploy your sales team more efficiently and decide together with you on the best structure based on your business plan and possibilities. In this way, you not only optimise the results of your sales efforts, but also develop or maintain your competitive advantage.