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Various official bodies provide financial support for companies that want to invest in the development of their employees. Deonta Executive is recognised as an aggregated service provider for consulting, training and coaching. Therefore, when you use our services, you can make use of a number of support measures.

Qfor quality label

Deonta Executive holds the Qfor quality label. After a customer satisfaction survey and screening of our procedures, we received the quality label for training and consultancy. Our customers were asked about their satisfaction with our services, taking into account both the content and the methodology. The minimum score to attain the label is 80%. We are proud that at Deonta Executive we achieved a score of 100% across nearly our entire business.

SME portfolio

Deonta Executive is a recognised service provider in the categories training, advice and strategic advice. If you meet the conditions of the SME portfolio, you can receive up to 50% in subsidies. If you want to know more about the SME portfolio and the corresponding subsidies, visit their website. If you would like to apply for a subsidy, click here.

Training cheques

Training cheques are cheques that the government provides for the training of Flemish and Walloon workers. The government pays half of the course fees, up to an amount of €250 per person. We are recognised by the government as a training organisation. That is to say that for any Deonta Executive training you can also make use of the training cheques. For more information, take a look at the website of the VDAB or the Walloon Region.

IPV: subsidies for the food industry

Specifically for the food industry there is the IPV, i.e. Initiatives for Professional Training in the Food Industries. This training centre by and for the food industry supports the growth of the sector through training and specific guidance. Deonta Executive is recognised as a training institute by the IPV. IPV members may therefore apply for subsidies for the specific training courses and services that we provide. In practice, you can receive up to €360 per day if you meet all of the conditions. For more information about IPV, visit their website or view a summary of the file managers.