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Training customised for your needs

Whether it’s sales people in a large pharmaceutical company or a support team in a small or medium-sized enterprise, we offer everyone custom training. Thanks to the broad experience of our trainers and the expertise of our partners, we can prepare a personal programme for you. The programme will take into account the products that you offer, your corporate structure and the markets in which you are active.

We review the content of the training courses, such as exercises and role plays, beforehand with the management so that the skills acquired can be immediately put into practice. The flexibility and customisation of our training ensures a pleasant training process and an optimal result.

Sales techniques

In the current competitive market, it’s important to differentiate yourself in the eyes of your customers. Our advice is then to also invest in your people. Small differences in knowledge, competences and motivation can make all the difference and ensure that you are among the top players in your sector. Deonta Executive offers you several programmes that help you to build a strong position and crush your competitors.

  • The psychology of selling: this foundation course covers in more depth the structure of a results-oriented sales conversation and its follow-up. From introduction and needs analysis to argumentation and closing technique, we teach your employees how to listen actively and ask the right questions so that the focus remains on the customer throughout the entire sales process.
  • Commercial Attitude & Sales Process Control: Deonta Executive is licensed by the BPMA Institute for the CA & SPC programme. During this course we reach experienced sales representatives with advanced techniques and we explore their personal pitfalls in depth. We analyse the individual weaknesses of each participant and work on them in a proactive and positive way.
  • Territory management: this training is for everyone, from junior sales people and marketers to middle management, who want more insight into the how and why of sector and regional management. We teach the participants how to analyse their sector or region, how to objectively evaluate the results of their sales actions, and how to develop a personal sales plan.
  • Specific sales training: if you want training on specific capabilities or parts of the sales process, we can help you. Some examples of the most commonly requested sales training topics are: making appointments by telephone, needs analysis, active negotiation, handling the Decision Making Unit, concluding techniques en successful presenting.

Marketing techniques

We also offer several practical training courses designed to ensure that your marketing activities are run in a smooth and professional way.

  • Build your own marketing plan: this is a course of 5 days that is spread over a period of 8-10 weeks. During each session we conduct exercises that are tailored to your own product and which you then need to further work out. In this way, you master the concepts and techniques that you’ve learned. Moreover, at the end of the training, you’ll not only have experienced every step of a marketing plan yourself, you’ll also have conducted the exercise for your own product and your marketing plan will be completely finished.
  • Quantitative SWOT analysis: this technique is part of the training module Build your own marketing plan but can also be taught separately to your marketing team or carried out independently by us. Thanks to the analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, you have a sound basis for the development of your business strategy and we can determine the impact of your choices on your growth potential. The main distinction with a ‘classic SWOT’ is that the result allows you to calculate the impact of your actions quantitatively and proactively. A quantitative SWOT analysis gives you a good overview of the ROI of your action plan.

Management training

A manager must not only ensure the efficient allocation of tasks but also guide his employees and make sure that they stay motivated to work for the company. We organise several specific training courses on this topic:

  • Management Attitude & Management Process Control: we are licensed by the BPMA Institute for the MA & MCP programme. During this training we focus on employee-oriented thinking. We cover how you can motivate your people and ensure that your team is on the same wavelength. This course is also suitable as a team-building exercise.
  • Territory management: this is a course that focuses on the specific requirements of regional or sector management. We teach you how to analyse your assigned area, how to assess the results and how to develop a personal sales plan.

Presentation skills

Speaking in front of an audience is not for everyone. During a 2-day course we teach you how you can overcome your personal obstacles. Together we see what your weaknesses are and identify the points we can work on. After training on the theory, we train your new skills using progressively more difficult exercises. At the end of the course you know exactly what you need to do and you can easily inspire any audience.