Deonta Executive logo

Our philosophy

We chose the name “Deonta Executive” because this name perfectly reflects our values and objectives.

On the one had, in Old Greek the word “deonta” means “do what must be done”; a reference to our persistent commitment and competencies to work with our customers on their objectives. On the other hand, “deonta” also refers to ethics and the ethical values that we take to heart everyday in our professional code.

The word “Executive” also has two important meanings for us: to do and give direction at the top level. It refers to our experience at the executive level, but also to our capacity to help you execute. We do our utmost to help your company on its path, not as an external consultant but as a partner who is a part of your company.

Our objectives

Deonta Executive would not only like to contribute to the efficient and smooth operation of organisations in all sectors, but also to work on the personal development of all employees. Every employee contributes to the success of an enterprise. That’s why it’s important that everyone feels good and receives the necessary stimulation to realise their optimal potential.

We want to support and encourage you and your employees to reach your goal together because your success is our success.

A solution tailor-made for your company

It’s not always easy to have enough employees at any given moment who have the necessary talents for a new professional challenge. At Deonta Executive we help you to ensure that you have all the resources required for further growth and we offer you a solution that’s tailor-made for your company.

Do you have a temporary shortage of qualified people? Then you can count on our expertise and passion. We help you with consultancy in all confidence. That way you only pay for the actual hours worked, you don’t run any risks, and you don’t need to make any long-term investment.

Do you have enough employees but they lack the competences required to reach your objectives? Then we train, coach and motivate your team so that together we can realise a good result.

Implementation management

The correct strategy for your enterprise along with the required skills is the key to success. At Deonta Executive we use an integrated approach and provide custom training for both your company and individual employees.

Implementation management means that we don’t only give you advice related to your corporate strategy and processes, but we also see where your employees can develop further and provide the appropriate training to accomplish this. We determine together exactly what needs to happen, help you to realise your plan and offer you personal coaching until you can take charge completely yourself. We realise structural improvements in your company so that you get the highest return from your investment.